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Made a mark?

Go on, give us a fighting chance of getting it out. The longer a mark stays untreated, the less likely it is we can remove it.


Book in an emergency exchange!
Once booked, we will be in touch about a custom exchange time.

What do we class as a ‘Mark’? Anything that will cause a permanent colour change or discoloration to the original colour of the product. Most of these things can be removed when an 'emergency exchange' is ordered directly after the occurrence. This could include, but is not limited to;

– Wine
– Coffee
– Heavily Died Food or Drinks
– Makeup/Tanning Creams
– Bodily fluids
– Blood
– Pen/Ink
– Dried soil (mostly from pets!)

Things we know won't come out;
– Paint
– Dye
– Sunscreen
– Some household cleaning products
– Pen/Ink
– Oil

We can’t guarantee the mark will be removable (it can depend on how long it’s been on, what type of mark and how big it is). But we will pull out all the tricks-of-the-trade to help you avoid additional cost, and waste for the planet.

Holes or Tears?

Respect Oly, and he will respect you! Avoid packing the product into the other pillowcases after use (we have the Oly bag for this!). We take out or circulation old stock that is too thin and that would tear due to extensive use – this will be noticeable on any returned torn items and will be judged at our sole and absolute discretion.

Missing Items?

Double-check you’ve got the whole order packed back in your bag for your next exchange! If we don’t get all items back after 20 days of your last scheduled exchange, we’ll assume you want to keep them and charge for the missing items.

Can’t make the exchange?

You can Skip your exchange altogether (free), or arrange a one-off custom exchange in your Account before your scheduled delivery date (min of 12 hours notice).

What will the product cost me if I've gone a little rogue on looking after the Product?

– £65 Duvet Cover
– £45 Fitted Sheet
– £10 Each Pillowcase
– £30 Each Bath Sheet

What will it cost the planet?

  • Unnecessary resources that we are running out of!

More questions? Get in touch with the team;